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We like it hot!  The slogan of HTT is appropriate considering since 1967 they have been one of the top names in the industrial heating industry when it comes to products utilizing thermal oil technology.   Thermal oil heaters, electronic heaters and temperature control units, heating, cooling and refrigerating systems, heat recovery systems, steam generators – from small lab arrangements right up to highly complex reactor temperature control equipment. All of the essential components relating to thermal unit construction are a part of the HTT product catalogue.

TDS is proud to partner with HTT by A&G Finishing Systems, to be your exclusive supplier of HTT products in the United States.   All of their products have a single goal in mind: more efficiency, economy and quality for your processes and products. Utilizing decades of experience and often revolutionary ideas, their engineering teams develop systems and solutions which are tuned precisely to the demands specific to your needs.

Fired Heaters

Energy Efficiency with a System

The HTT wtö class fired heater harmonizes a high level of heating with low energy costs. This is valid for all power ranges, and for all three types of fuel: Oil, gas and solid. The range goes from 80 to 30,000 kW, and up to a temperature of +400°C.

Electronic Heaters

Heat from production processes straight out of the mains

Electric heating using thermal oil and hot water units is always the first choice when an easy and quick installation, as well as low servicing expenditure is required. For power ranges between 6 and 4,000 kW and temperatures up to +400° Celsius, HTT has developed the wte electric heater class and the cps temperature control system. Both are suited for heating or tempering warm water to +100°C, hot water to +240°C, as well as heat transfer oil to +400°C. 30 service levels enable an optimum dimensioning of the area of application in each case. 

Heating & Cooling Units

Economical and Safe

The hka class has been developed by HTT for heating, cooling and deep-freezing in the temperature area of between -80°C and +400°C. The hka units work with uniform heating media, are free of corrosion, non-toxic and are also optionally food-safe. This is made possible by the special construction method which avoids direct contact between the primary energy source and the consumer. The heating medium is not direct, but is connected with the primary energy source via a heat exchanger. In this way, the heating medium works simultaneously as a divider between the reaction product and the environment. A definite safety advantage, in particular for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Heat Recovery

Increase your normal supply level

Heat recovery offers huge potential for improving energy efficiency. This means that, for example, heating systems can be supported during the heating period. The supply of the utilized energy to another process in the company – by, for example, using a heat transfer system is even better. This provides high levels of utilization and consequently short amortization times. Even electricity production from recovered heat is possible using the ORC system. HTT implemented the very first heat extraction with an ORC process worldwide many years ago: The unit generates 1.2 megawatts of electricity from 8.2 MW of decoupled heat volume.

Steam Generator

300 degrees with 10 bar pressure

HTT offers fully operational, compact thermal oil or electrically heated steam generators with steam outputs from between 100 to 2,000 kg / H. The HTT wtd system units are completely pre-assembled with feed water tank, automatic replenishing equipment and water treatment function. The standard implementation is for 300°C and 10 bar.

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TDS has partnered with HTT by A&G Finishing Systems because of their constant innovation, dedication to improvement of product and a reliability second to none in the global industrial heating industry.