Prefabricated and Used Inventory

                                            We offer our prefabricated and used  inventory at a discounted wholesale rate




Prefabricated and used Inventory for Sale

TDS offers top of the line prefabricated and used products, at discounted wholesale rates.  


Boilers, Burners and Heaters

Industrial Steam Boiler

Click on the photo above to get a look at some of the prefabricated products available from TDS Heat Solutions.  From Boilers to burners and heaters, we have a network throughout the global heating industry to make sure you find what you need.

 Industrial Bakery Equipment

Industrial and Commercial Bakery Equipment

TDS only produces and carries Industrial Bakery Equipment with the highest level of reliability and performance.  So if you are in need of Industrial/Commercial Bakery Equipment, and trying to keep it in a lower budget, click the photo above and see some of the used products we have for sale.  If you see something that may fit your needs, give us a call at (951) 677-5274 or fill out a request form and we will have one of our expert staff get back with some answers.