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Weishaupt | Custom Industrial Burners

When it comes to gas, oil and dual fuel burners, Weishaupt’s reputation for uncompromising quality is second to none.  The efficiency and reliability of a Weishaupt burner is held in the highest esteem throughout the entire global industrial heating world. As an exclusive distributor for Weishaupt, throughout California and Arizona, TDS is proud to bring to you the quality and durability of these burners for any sized job. Contact us today for all of your Industrial Heating needs!

Compact Burners

Weishaupt W5 compact gas and oil-fired burners (43 – 188 MBTU/h)

Weishaupt W5 compact burners are used for gas or oil-fired appliances and have a rated output of up to 188 MBTU/h. They are employed in light commercial applications where reliability is of particular importance.

Weishaupt W10 – W40 compact gas and oil-fired burners (85 – 1,945 MBTU/h)

The Weishaupt W10 to W40 burners cover a large range of outputs from 85 to 1,945 MBTU/h. They are used on applications where reliability and safety are key concerns.

Large and Medium sized burners

WM-series monarch® burners (190 – 37,500 MBTU/h)

Weishaupt’s outstanding reputation for quality is built on the back of its monarch® series burners. The current range is equipped with the latest digital technology.

Burner sizes 1 – 11 (300 – 17,850 MBTU/h)

These tried-and-tested MFO and HFO burners are produced primarily to satisfy demand for replacement units.

Burner sizes 30 – 70 (2,300 – 40,000 MBTU/h)

These versatile, large-capacity  1 onobloc burners were designed especially for industrial and energy-sector applications.

WK-series burners (up to 109,000 MBTU/h)

Weishaupt’s most powerful burners.

Marine burners

Weishaupt burners are at home on the seven seas. Marine applications make very great demands of burners, so the knowledge gained from our years of experience is crucial to their reliable operation.

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