There is nothing wrong with the long standing traditional method of a gas fired oven for industrial/commercial bakeries.  The immediate cost can be lower and existing bakeries may only be setup to handle this form of oven.  However, there are several advantages, both long and short term, to utilizing thermal oil to heat ovens.

The first advantage is the space savings on the plant floor. The thermal oil heater is located in the boiler room and not on the plant floor, allowing for more flexibility in the square footage use of the plant. Also, due to the lack of need for flue-stacks over each section, the ovens are stack-able.

In addition to the space saving qualities, it can also be more energy efficient. The need for only 1 (one) heat source to run multiple zones and ovens (if desired), adds to your efficiency. Additionally, with a thermal oil heater, you are able to reach much higher temperatures with less wear and tear – a strong reason this method has been traditionally used in the medical industry.

Along with the space savings we spoke of earlier, the ability to utilize more wisely the square footage of the plant can lead to hefty increases in overall bakery revenue. A plant with the same square footage as a traditional plant, powering with thermal oil and stacking the ovens, can produce 2-3 times that of the traditional bakery.

Finally, the cost for repairs are lowered, because the thermal oil heater is not located on the bakery floor making it more easily accessible to maintenance. On top of that, the use of a single heat source, allows for less overall yearly maintenance needs.

When looked at in its totality, the complete cost of ownership over the lifetime of the oven powered by thermal oil is a fraction of the standard. If you would like to find out what method is best for your industrial/commercial bakery, contact us today for a no cost no obligation evaluation.


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